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Twitter Weekly Updates from 2014-08-20 to 2014-08-26

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tumblr: Which “Golden Girl” Are You? Ironically, caught a few episodes…

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Which “Golden Girl” Are You?

Ironically, caught a few episodes of “Golden Girls” while the TV was on in the background (as usual) shortly before stumbling onto this online quiz. Had to take this quiz twice because the first time I got Stan and that can’t be right…

Since she’s my favorite and I’m usually totally on the same page with her, I thought I would have been a Sophia, but I probably have more self control about what I say / do than her (there is some mention of her having a stroke at some point before the show’s events to partially explain some of the crazy, but hilarious things that come out of your mouth).


p>So, in any case, apparently I’m a Rose which, despite her reputation for being a bit of a dumb blonde, who doesn’t love Betty White? And you know how smart and talented you have to be to act that dumb?

Twitter Weekly Updates from 2014-08-13 to 2014-08-19

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  • Lol- must remove + resew cover by hand to wash fave old skool Korean blanket; then mom went real retro w/lesson on DIY laundry starch w/rice 18:45:18, 2014-08-19
  • RT @thom_wong: Have to write this again: Mike Brown was shot TWICE as many times as all firearms discharged by British Police last year. #F21:30:04, 2014-08-19

Twitter Weekly Updates from 2014-07-30 to 2014-08-05

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Twitter Weekly Updates from 2014-07-16 to 2014-07-22

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