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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-08

Category : twitter · by Jul 8th, 2012
  • RT @dovdavidoff: Great marriages are like the Higgs Boson particle, its existence has been theorized, but no one has ever seen one. #
  • RT @kumailn: Every resort is full of old women with fingers hovering clockwise over iPads, like they're dialing the ghost of a rotary phone. #
  • RT @kumailn: I hope The Newsroom stays on the air for two more years because I really wanna hear its take on the Obamacare decision. #
  • Wonder how much influence SCOTUS news coverage, esp CNN/FOX screw up, had. MT @HBO: The #Newsroom has been renewed for a second season. #
  • RT @qikipedia: Bram Stoker married Oscar Wilde’s first girlfriend. #
  • RT @Stanford: MT @StanfordBiz "Teams are way too successful at managing agreement & not conflict." -Prof. @MaggieNeale #
  • It's the Kool-Aid- project was cancelled, but programmer kept sneaking in to Apple to finish product: via @mental_floss #
  • RT @Andy_Richter: My 6yo daughter just told us that she saw a baby came out of a boy's pee hole at the park. That can't happen, right? #
  • Will be there! RT @ImprovSanJose: @JoshblueComedy is here from July 6th to the 8th! #ComedyRocks #
  • Ok, understand work crews need to start early, but does all the noisy stuff w/incessant banging always have to be done first? #
  • & Miriam Margolyes (Prof Sprout) on last wk's @BBCAMERICA Graham Norton Show amazing- just watch: #
  • Cocoon still a great movie, but realized w/exception of Wilford Brimley, all the actors who played elderly characters have passed away :( #
  • Check out tonite's full moon shine from dusk till dawn: #
  • Why Libraries Matter: Letters to the Children of Troy, Michigan (From 1971) via @mental_floss #
  • RT @ObamaTranslated: OBAMA: Let's enjoy our independence this July 4th. TRANS: GREAT BRITAIN! WE LOVE YOU BUT DON'T FORGET WE FUCKED YOU UP! #
  • Sad when you have to go look up whether somebody died from drugs or being fat or both… #
  • #RLTK RT @MrChuckD: Spread it around and Bring The Noise #
  • Very American & relaxing 4th of July: watch Uncle Buck, Ghostbusters, Die Hard; play w/cat; nap; BBQ w/3 types of meat; fireworks; nightcap. #
  • My dad taught me to shoot with the NES Zapper- How Did the Duck Hunt Gun Work? via @mental_floss #
  • How to write good code: via xkcd #
  • RT @optilude: Please stop saying “single page webapp”. You mean “fat client written in JavaScript”. #
  • via @mental_floss – What’s the Higgs Boson and Why Do We Care? via @sharethis #
  • MT @pushgirls: HUGE congrats to @OscarPistorius-4 time Paralympic gold medalist 1st Paralympian to qualify for Olympics #
  • Good side of DNSChanger malware- using popularity of @Facebook & @google to inform users & help them get clean/secure: #
  • RT @Koreatown: Da Wool Jung (???) — the "pagoda" on Irolo & Olympic #
  • Ridiculous- need more videos of animals on slides… RT @GuyKawasaki: Daily cute fix: Baby pandas on a slide #
  • This cat is brilliant- wanted to see if I could teach her to roll over & she immediately got it (video): #
  • Sorry chicken fingers: Korean (aka Japanese) curry (?? ???) may be my new favorite food- just like ?? used to make (& still does). #
  • Superhero Economics: Bruce Wayne vs. Peter Parker [INFOGRAPHIC] via @HRBlock #
  • RT @GuyKawasaki: Abraham Lincoln bandages: Healing the nation one boo-boo at a time #
  • via @TheOnion – Keith Richards' Housekeeper Has Braced Herself For Finding Dead Body Every Morning Since 1976 #
  • MT @BarackObama: POTUS: “This election isn’t just about 2 candidates or 2 parties—it’s about 2 fundamentally different visions for America.” #
  • FYI, if Caller ID shows your number as something like 100001000101111111101101, I'm not answering (though that's a pretty famous number). #
  • Tuition may be expensive esp at schools like @Stanford, but at least we don't charge you for graduating early: #
  • RT @politico: California gives OK to high-speed rail: via @burgessev #
  • RT @kumailn: Hey websites, if you publish something as a slide show, you may as well not publish it at all. #
  • Wow… RT @angryasianman: "Ching Chang Chong": How Not to Get a Web Design Job : #
  • @GuyKawasaki Except it's actually Batman vs Spiderman… #
  • Need Pinkberry. Now. #


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