Not everyone sees the beauty of the blog

So, my blog fascination has been going on for a while– especially since I have been reading this one. It’s by someone I knew in college and I find him totally entertaining! His longer rants are even more entertaining. My blog fascination only grew when I researched blog software and was very enamored by Movable Type.

I only finally sacked up and started my own blog though when I was talking about it with my boss and he suggested we use a blog to track how students use wireless in the dorms that are participating in our new wireless project. So, we installed Movable Type on our server and tried it out. Very cool piece of free software that is pretty easy to setup and configure.

So, since we were at it, we decided it would be a cool service to offer to our student employees for their dorm Web sites and personal sites as well. Blogs have been a pretty popular thing on the Web for a while and thought it would be a cool service to offer to our students. They wouldn’t have to worry about setting up the Perl app themselves– they could just take advantage of the work we did! Sure, there are sites on the Web that also offer blog services, like Blogger, but from my experience, they don’t always work the way you want them to and it’s nice to have software running on your own server. We even one-upped the larger IT organization by setting it up and offering it to our students first.

Of course, when I presented it at one of the student meetings, most of them did even know what a blog was! And when I explained what it was and how people use it on their personal Web sites and how it could possibly be used in a dorm setting, they were not impressed. They just said, “But why would somebody want to do that?”

Of course, why would somebody want to watch a bunch of people they don’t know doing nothing through a Web cam? Who knows, but it happens. A lot.

So, not everyone sees the beauty of the blog, but hey, I find it entertaining. And if you’re reading this, so must you. At least a little bit.

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