Those nefarious North Koreans

I have to admit: Bond movies are not my favorite movies of all time. Yes, they certainly have their appeal and no knowledge of pop culture is complete without them, but they can get kind of cheesy and formulaic. But, the newest Bond flick, Die Another Day, departs from that formula– a least a little. There’s no “Bond moment” where the villain explains his whole evil plan to Bond and compadres before his destined-to-fail attempt to off them. There’s no evil foreign temptress. And yes, the women in this flick are more than just notches for 007’s not-so-top secret bedpost.

And, damn, Pierce Brosnan is one good-looking mofo.

The big to-do about this Bond movie was that Oscar Award-winning Halle Berry was the new Bond girl. She’s looking good and is entertaining in the movie, but to be honest, I went to see it when I realized Rick Yune was in it. I gots to go support my people, you know? (For those of you who don’t know, Yune is one of the few highly visible Korean-American actors out there, starring in movies like Snow Falling on Cedars and The Fast and the Furious. He was also the first Asian American to land a national fashion campaign, being featured in ads for Versace and Polo. And he’s one damn good-looking man.)

Who knew that the latest Bond flick’s plotline featured some nefarious North Koreans out to conquer the world? I’m sure this is doing wonders for getting North Korea off of that “Axis of Evil” and for not inciting fear and hatred towards North Koreans and the like (and by “the like,” I mean anybody that resembles a North Korean– *ahem*, yellow peril anyone?).

But all in all, it was a good movie, full of great Bond action and tomfoolery. And not to mention the tasty Aston Martin Vanquish. Vroom.

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