Trouble in Paradise

So, when I was enjoying free cocktails and beautiful sun in Kauai, the nation went to war. It’s very strange– Hawaii can be on a completely different terror alert than the rest of the country. Hey, it’s the island way.

So, the war had already been going on for over 24 hours when I returned to the mainland and now that I’m done clearing things off of my TiVo, I’ve got CNN going on in the background all day long. (BTW, why is Wolf Blitzer allowed on the air?) I have to admit: I still don’t see the point of this war. Bush keeps calling it the war to free the Iraqi people and yes, Saddam is a very, very bad man, but when did the Iraqi people ever ask us to free them? Are we getting Iraqis pounding down the door seeking political asylum?

When we did this the first time with the first President Bush, at least Saddam was actively trying to move into Kuwait. See, a clearly visible act of aggression and a measured response. As for this war? I just don’t see the direct threat that everyone keeps talking about. I really do believe a peaceful solution could have been found. My theory is that it’s once again the Bush administration’s strange obsession with Iraq and we’re fighting this war so Bush can just get his rocks off by making Iraq crap in its pants. He probably hopes to capture Iraq and exploit its oil resources as well as make his mark on history by defeating Sadam, riding that train to reelection.

And as each days passes of this war, Bush really isn’t changing my mind. When he finally spoke to the press after he returned from Camp David this weekend (a vacation for you already, Mr. Bush?), he was inarticulate and unhelpful. He didn’t express the grief and sympathy I think he should have concerning the first casualties of the war and he seemed to perk up a little too much when he started talking about the recent successes in battle. Yes, it’s good that we’re doing well, but people have started dying now, Mr. President, and images of their corpses have been broadcast around the world. I really do hope that you find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and can undeniably prove Saddam’s connection to terrorists because if you don’t, the question of “what did they die for?” will echo throughout the world.

Nevertheless, we’ve started this thing and there’s no turning back. We’ve already laid waste to many parts of Iraq and many people, both soldiers and civilians, both American and Iraqi have died. I don’t support this war, but I don’t really have a choice now, do I? If we listed to all those anti-war demonstrators and pulled out now, then those people really will have died for nothing. They didn’t ask for it, but if we’re going to force help on them, like some overbearing sibling doing an intervention that no one’s really sure is needed, we might as well finish it, delivering what we promise to deliver.

So boys, let’s make it quick and fast and make sure we don’t have to fight another war like this one again. Twice is enough. Here’s to the coalition.

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