Oh, Photo!

Yes, my friends and I mock all those silly people out there who use analog cameras. Granted, if you’re looking to do some real, impressive, hot shot photography, you should go with an analog camera with all the lenses and attachments and stuff, but the value behind a digital camera is growing everyday. You can buy a decent digital camera now for one or two hundred dollars and taking digital photos can provide some great flexibility:

  • You can immediately see what your photo will look like and retake those eyes-closed, weird smile, makes you look fat, short or stupid photos over and over again until you get it right. Yes, it can’t perform miracles, but you can try to get the best image you can.
  • With a decent size piece of media (Compact Flash, SmartMedia, etc.), you can take hundreds of photos without ever having to rewind or reload.
  • Video. Some of the more magical cameras let you take short clips of video footage. It won’t be a replacement for a real video camera, digital or otherwise, but could be useful if you need a quick video clip of silly antics.
  • Immediate gratification. If you need a photo right away, you can simply take the picture, download the photo to your computer and then use it in either digital or printed format. Personally, I find it very useful when I need to take a quick snapshot of stuff I’m selling on eBay or something I want to quickly send someone over email.

I’m sure there are many more reasons that I haven’t listed here or thought of right now. Additionally, while you can of course take your storage media to a brick-and-mortar vendor to put them onto CD and/or get the photos printed, you can also use cool online vendors who will let you upload directly to their site, print the photos for you and send them your way. The beauty of this is that not only do you not have to make your way over to a physical store, these vendors also offer useful services like online photo albums and software to crop and adjust your photos.

Right now, I’m enamored with Ofoto. They have both online tools as well as downloadable desktop software for managing your digital photos and ordering prints. For me, it’s even better since they’re based right out of Emeryville, so I can get my photos within a day or two through the regular mail. Oh, photo!

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