Another amusing waste of time using the Internet Create a little multiple-choice quiz. Send it out to your friends. See how they score. Complete waste of time, but very amusing. Just imagine all the dirty, silly, stupid possibilities for questions and answer choices.

Of course, results of the quiz have only proved one thing: knowledge of random factual elements about you is not directly proportional to how close you perceive you are to someone.

Most missed question: “What’s Sindy’s favorite TV show?” Most common answer: Smallville. Correct answer: ER. Yes, people, I have a great and perhaps very unhealthy obsession with the show and its cast. Yes, I read a lot of fan fic and am endlessly amused by the show. But no, it is not my favorite show. Remember: Sindy is about more than eye candy and special effects. Smallville is fun to talk about, make fun of, drool over (thanks to Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum), and speculate endlessly over the Superman mythology, but it’s still a silly show (and lately, a doomed one based on the overconfidence of those who produce it– not that I want it to be cancelled any time soon). The real things that keep me coming back to the show are A) handling the relationship between Clark and Lex, and B) Michael Rosenbaum’s portrayal of a morally ambiguous Lex Luthor and how he eventually comes to live a life marked by evil.

ER, on the other hand, has a great mix of the soap opera element (i.e., following the personal lives of the characters) and still focusing on the actual people that pass through the ER. I am highly amused by shows like Smallville, but at the end of the day, I love me some heart-wrenching drama about real people, real situations, and real problems. And as the commercials always say, ER is the finest hour of television.

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