The Yay Area

Today was a “me” day. After a lovely breakfast of Egg Beaters and toast, I drove up to Montara Beach, enjoying the windy roads and scenic drive as I neared one of the more isolated beaches near Half Moon Bay (the main Half Moon Bay beach is more popular). I got to sit there for a while, reading Snow Crash and enjoying the perfect weather– sunny with a light breeze, warm but not warm enough to sit there sweating and uncomfortable. After a little while, I decided to make my way back down to the Peninsula, stopping for a tall iced mocha at the local Starbucks, paid for courtesy of the gift card Stanford Federal Credit Union sent me after they screwed up my automatic car loan withdrawal. And I drove back down 92, again enjoying the winding roads with the excellent handling on my Lexus and looking forward to cooking up some dinner and having a good bottle of wine. The only thing that would have been better would have been having the foresight to have enough cash on me to buy some cherries from one of the produce stands along the side of the road. Alas, something for next time.

I realize that I really do like living in the Bay Area. It’s got great weather (sunny and clear without being too humid or hot), great beaches just a short drive away and city life in all different flavors with San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. It’s a great place to be when you’re in your twenties and looking to just live your life.

I’ve always felt out of place for most of my life, but here, you can be anyone you want to be– especially yourself. Yes, Palo Alto, or “Shallow Alto” as we sometimes like to call it, and the rest of the Peninsula can be tiring sometimes, but when I came to California for college on a fluke, I didn’t realize how much I’d like it and how I’d grow and learn from it. The large acceptance of gay culture and alternative lifestyles is a testament to the attitude and atmosphere of the Bay Area and while I sometimes find the granola, liberal outlook a little annoying (having grown up around New York City my entire life), I have to appreciate how it’s a great place to just be yourself, whether you’re a geeky programmer, a flaming drag queen, or a hemp-wearing hippie.

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