End of days

Despite my dwindling church-going lately, part of me is still looking out for the rapture and the end of days described in the book of Revelation. Like in that movie The Seventh Sign. Despite wondering whether the Christian God is the “correct” depiction of God, part of me is still stuck in that world, expecting the end of the world to play out just like the Bible describes it and that I should keep an eye out for the signs. Of course, I don’t know what I do if it did turn out to happen exactly like the book of Revelation. Probably go on going what I’m doing because even if the Bible is right about that, I still can’t believe God would be as much of a control freak and big meanie as Christians sometimes make Him out to be.

But with what I’ve been seeing in the news lately, the world seems to be in such a state of chaos that sometimes, I wonder, I fear that it is the end of days– or at least the beginning of a horrible time that will take a lot of time and effort to get over, correct, come back from. In the same way the world had to recover after the horrors of World War II, to recover emotionally and physically, to somehow try to correct so many wrongs and find a way to go on, I think we’ll find ourselves heading down a slippery slope that is going to take a lot to get back up.

Fires continue to burn and ravage in Southern California– and this time, it’s not nature taking its toll. If this was just a natural phenomenon, what can we do but shrug our shoulders, shake our head, and keep on fighting? But now, we find our firefighters exhausted, our neighbors homeless, injured, even dead because of a lost hunter and some arsonists.

We continue to pour money and troops into Iraq while people are jobless and struggling at home. President Bush seems to have undone all the work Carter and Clinton were able to accomplish in North Korea and the threat of nuclear war by the hand of an isolated nation and its mad leader haunt us. And all the while, we still feel the horror and painful effects of September 11th, remembering those we lost and yet, the ones who are responsible still walk free.

And even closer to home, hate continues. Congress passes poorly written laws banning medical procedures that save lives, forcing us to make a blanket decision on who deserves to live with no room for individual circumstances. And even though we came so far with the Supreme Court’s decision on sodomy, Congress works to ban gay marriage, introducing the first Constitutional amendment that would be specifically for the purpose of denying rights to a partcular group of people.

And the people seem to be desperately crying out for a remedy, for a leader who will bring some sense to this world, but we seem to be at a loss. Why else would we elect an actor as governor? Are we so madly desperate for leadership, for reprieve that we so easily forget the last time we elected an actor to governor and then president?

We’ve started down a road that we can hopefully get off, turn around and never go back down again, but nevertheless, our nation will have to go through a great mending period to set things right.

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