Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Superbowl, Breast. See, our culture really is obsessed with breasts. The sad thing is that there is more press, outrage and intended investigation surrounding the allegedly intentional flashing by our beloved JJ and JT than there is about all of the allegedly misleading intelligence on WMD in Iraq and the subsequent decision to go to war. I mean honestly, John Stewart was right when he pointed out that there is something seriously wrong with the fact that the FCC launched an investigation into the incident at the Superbowl faster than anybody in the federal government has been willing to even talk about investigating the validity of intelligence on WMD in Iraq and our rationale for going to war. And if President Bush did lie to the American people, insisting that Iraq was an imminent threat, will he undergo the same kind of character attacks and scrutiny that President Clinton did when he lied about sleeping with a woman? There are degrees to every crime, people– even lying. And if President Bush is found to have lied, will he be encouraged to go on national television, tell the truth, and apologize– like Clinton and Jackson?

Whether it was a stunt or a genuine “wardrobe flaw,” looking at that picture (conveniently blown up for everyone at Drudge Report), neither one of them look very happy at that moment. Nevertheless, Janet and Justin have managed to get a lot of publicity over this and as they always say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. In my opinion, the real people who will be made to pay will be MTV— everyone seems to be holding them ultimately responsible and gone will be the days where MTV can be the “cool, young, hip” part of “mainstream media” (i.e., the major networks during primetime). No more half-time shows, no more grudging respect for their Rock the Vote campaign. Instead, I foresee a future where MTV will be relegated once again to the backwoods of cable TV where they will be considered a liberal, fringe media outlet that serves up sex and shock along with music videos and rock stars. This time, they may have gone too far and whatever respect they have managed to gain as a media presence has been severely tainted.

Personally, I could not care less about the “incident.” I watched the Superbowl on a 57″ television in high definition sitting about eight feet away and even with my well-trained eye, I thought she was wearing a pastie. And while that may not be a whole lot better, Lil’ Kim got away with that years ago.

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