All the small things

I usually only write a paper check when I’m at the salon, so it’s kind of an important milestone every time I run out of checks and need to order a new box. Have I been happy with the checks I have? Should I get new ones? Should my checks express something about me? Should they be professional, simple, colorful, fun? Script or plain lettering, serif or sans-serif? Should I just get my first initial, my last initial, a picture of Winnie the Pooh?

I thought about it for about five minutes, including the time I took browsing through the pile of catalogues that are in every box of checks. And I’m going to stick with the same ones. Aside from it just being easier for me and the bank since I’m just ordering more of the same, eight percent of the proceeds also go to The Susan H. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. In America, a woman dies of breast cancer every twelve minutes. And how many more suffer through surgery, treatment, and therapy and even then, even once you have been deemed free and clear, fear that it might return?

There’s lots more to do, but maybe this little thing with my checks can provide a little bit of help. Of course, this depends on how much they’re actually going to charge me for the checks. With the way banks are charging now, it might be just cheaper to buy checks from somewhere else and just send the Foundation one of them.

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