Election day, Election day

Well, the polls are slowly starting to close and everyone is watching eagerly. I won’t say much since I got around to writing on this so late, but here are a few tidbits:

For live reporting of election results (based on exit polls), check out CNN. From a pure technology standpoint, this is great use of Web technology– clear representation of detailed data, at a glance and with variable levels of granularity. Especially cool is how you can click on states and see gradients of color that show how strong each party won in each county.

Cool video: Eminem’s Mosh. He’s not exactly heading up Creative Commons, but from what I’ve seen, Eminem takes all the file-sharing hoopla with a grain of salt (and a sense of humor)– on MTV a while back, he walked into a record store and bought his own CD, commenting to the cashier and customers that he downloaded it off of the Internet, but it didn’t sound as good. On top of that, while his last album was one of the largest uses of copy protection at the time, his new album actually includes an incentive program. People who buy his newest album (instead of downloading it illegally off of the Internet) when it’s released on November 16th will be eligible for prizes. And now he’s freely distributing his music video for “Mosh,” expressing the rage that many of feel toward President Bush and his administration as well as spreading a great message to get out there and vote. What’s even better than that? That the group of hooded crusaders get together and storm… the polling station and get in line to vote. For all the horrible things that people think and say about Eminem (not me– I’m a big fan), Mosh is certainly a throwback to a time where rap music was more about politics and activism, giving voice to an unheard community, rather than bitches, hoes, and the bling. Bling.

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