The necessary disclaimer

I’m going to revisit an earlier post on safe blogging in the next few entries, but for now, you may notice that I’ve added the annoying, yet necessary disclaimer to my blog front page. I have also had a Creative Commons license for a while, but for all of the hoopla about copyright these days (especially at work), my bigger issue right now is clarifying the line between this blog (and my personal role with Stanford as an alumna) and my professional relationship with the University. You would think that this is somewhat obvious (this is very clearly a personal Web log and is not served off of University resources), but just to be on the safe side, I’ve included the disclaimer. After all, plenty of people have been dooced for things much more innocuous than what appears here.

Content won’t change much. I just did’t want anyone thinking I put the disclaimer there just because I got in trouble or got scared. It’s more because of things like, after explicitly asking not to refer to my blog in an article for which I was being interviewed (explicitly agreed to as just a person, not an agent of the University), my blog still got linked to, the most potentially incendiary quote was taken out of the context of a very lengthy email and used, and the distinction between personal and professional was not made as clear as I would have liked since many people have enough trouble separating the personal from the professional. I don’t really blame the author of the article– it’s not really his job to protect me from the problems of “unsafe blogging,” but in any case, this disclaimer is my own preemptive change.

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