The Water Ionizer

Clearly, not only do I have too much time on my hands, but my parents do as well. They just had this ionizing system installed in their kitchen– it’s a Japanese product although my parents got it through some Korean reseller here complete with Korean language manual. You turn on the tap, flip the switch to direct the water through the system, and then select the desired pH level of the water. Smack in the middle is, of course, purified water for drinking, acidic is to the left, and alkaline is to the right. There’s little pictures corresponding to for what use each level is appropriate– water for the cat, water for brushing your teeth, water for taking medication, water for cooking, etc. Presumably, the purpose of this system is for health benefits and for maximum value, there’s a soothing female voice that lets you know what’s going on (“Acidic water selected…”) and then it plays a little song while it works. You can’t really appreciate it until you’ve seen it, which is why I recorded a little video of the water ionizer in action. This the first time I’ve actually used the video capability of my digital camera and let me tell you, it was well worth it.

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