Glamour shots

I have been going around and updating my information on various social networking sites, including uploading an updated photo. Now, I’m okay with putting my photo up on those sites because if people are looking for me, it’s helpful to have a photo to double-check the identity. And I will even go so far as to include a photo on my Web site’s front page (albeit, not a full-on head shot), but I feel kind of weird adding one here. I mean, a blog is already pretty masturbatory in a self-congratulatory, self-glorifying kind of way, isn’t it? I mean, if I was famous and keeping a blog, I guess I would do it, but God, if I was famous, I’d probably get sick of seeing my own image so much. I have a very low tolerance for overexposure.

In any case, maybe I’ll change my mind, but for now, I’ll stick with random photos of stuff.

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