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A friend of mine once said that if you look for something on the Web and if it’s not there, it’s your personal responsibility to start a page about it– and it just dawned on me that Wikipedia lets the average person do just that! Look something up in this encyclopedia and if there’s nothing on the topic, create your own page. Brilliant! I’m a big fan of Wikipedia (and all the criticism around it is pretty much from the usual people that don’t understand emerging technologies) and wikis in general, and while using wikis in team environments, etc. is great for collaboration, Wikipedia is a really great concept because it’s on such a large scale and takes advantage of collective knowledge.

The other nice thing is that it really takes advantage of the whole “web” concept– you could look up one topic, start clicking through keyword links, follow some evolutionary path and eventually, you might stumble onto something that doesn’t have an entry, but that you want to educate the world on. Case in point: my first Wikipedia contribution.

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