Looking behind, looking ahead

A friend passed away this weekend– it was sudden and fast. We hope she didn’t suffer too much. She was a good woman who had already suffered and struggled too much in her short lifetime and yet still managed to be so sweet and nice and funny and…

I wonder what happens when we pass away… I don’t mean if there’s a heaven or a hell or anything like that. I mean, right after we pass away. Do we look back at our earthly lives and the corporeal world behind us? As I get older, more people I know are starting to pass away, suddenly or after short or long illnesses. I always picture them watching over us, but I wonder if they really are. Is what waits for us in the afterlife so compelling that we can easily let go of what’s behind us? Part of me hopes that they won’t forget us, but part of me hopes that they do as they look forward to so much better before them.

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