After a pretty good stint in regular postings, I know I’ve been pretty lame in blogging lately. Part of it recently has been the fact that I’m sick again to the point where I actually had to stay home from work (not that I didn’t end up doing work anyway). Is it the same sinus infection that never really went away? Is it another one? Who knows since I’ve never had sinus problems this bad before, but I’ll tell you that after another episode of excruciating pain, even I had to eventually go to the doctor. And as someone who didn’t grow up with health insurance for a long time, that’s a big step. Most people would have probably gone to the doctor way before I did and maybe even gone to urgent care or the emergency room. To be honest, I live with pain most days– stiff neck, repetitive stress in my wrists and hands, back pain, and stress headaches– so I have a pretty high tolerance for it, but the amount of pain I was in for the last 2 days was kind of scary.

In any case, that’s been part of my posting lameness. Another part is starting school and how my life has been consumed by work and school, but more on that later.

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