Blog prison

I was put in blog prison over the weekend– looking at my Blacklist logs, I got slammed hard by some spambot out there on Thursday and Friday and my hosting service put me in server prison. They moved me off of their production servers onto some “probation” server and then took away all permissions from my mt-comments.cgi file. Of course, when they did this, they actually took away permissions on my entire MT installation and I couldn’t get into anything. Sadness.

In any case, I have my permissions back. As someone who does some system administration, I understand why they did it– the traffic was taking up something like 70% of the CPU. But obviously, it was a spam attack similar to a DoS attack, which can happen to anyone and wasn’t even necessarily a security foul-up. While I can close commenting (a drastic measure that I don’t really want to do, but will for now), really anybody could launch a similar DoS attack just by inundating your Web server. Hopefully, I’ll be able to turn commenting back on at some point. Once again, spammers ruining everybody else’s fun.

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