The switch

How many articles can you possibly have about the Apple IBM-to-Intel switch? For chrissake, something like 50% of my Bloglines headlines have been on this topic starting last Friday since CNET broke the story.

Nevetheless, a brief comment on the topic: I predicted this switch over two years ago– with Apple’s recent success and ever expanding product line, at some point they were going to have to do something about the very expensive business of producing hardware using the minority chip. IBM’s recent moves to get out of the hardware business (and into the “business solutions” business) pushes Apple along the way too. Besides, I mean, even Solaris runs on x86 now. Maybe if they had switched to AMD (it was rumored that they originally looked at this chip, especially since most hardware people agree its a better chip), there wouldn’t have been such a circus. The most amusing part of this whole thing is that it seems like Apple fans are suddenly caught in this philosophical, ethical, personal dilemma– everybody wanted to deny it was happening (including Apple) and then when Jobs made the official announcement at WWDC, it was like Apple die-hards all got sucker punched. It’s like they’ve been betrayed in some deeply personal way. It’s just a piece of hardware, people. With computing hardware where it is today, the switch will make little difference to most people. At least Apple is providing a transition path for developers (Rosetta– if it’s one thing they’re good at, it’s naming things). Besides, what are you going to do about it– switch to Windows? To Solaris? To Linux? Use your IBM-chip Mac for the rest of time?

In any case, some more interesting points about the switch include Techdirt’s question: will Apple sue CNet over leaking the story? Probably not, which reinforces the realization that they’re not as noble as you might think.

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