Mm, wireless… (again, now in 2005)

You would think that somebody out there would think to provide wireless Internet service at all airports, nationwide. Well, I’m sure many have thought of it– it’s just that wireless companies don’t want to give up control over the airports they already have. I wouldn’t even mind if they just had several 802.11b networks in the same airport and you picked a provider, but I guess normal, direct competition is too threatening. This is not the third time I’m paying for wireless service as I fly back and forth because all three airports I have been do use separate services– not to mention the fact that the restricted T-Mobile HotSpot pre-registration access doesn’t seem to let you log into regular T-Mobile services to add HotSpot service to your existing T-Mobile account. Brilliant, no?

But high-speed, especially wireless Internet service is like crack and even if they’re clearly ripping me off, I have to cop if I can get high if only for a few minutes.

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