links for 2006-02-25

I love technology, but even I am surprised by my dorkiness

I bought a new couch the other day and am in the process of getting an armchair to go with it. Now, I have a pretty good eye, but couches and sofas and the like are expensive, not to mention a hassle to return, so I want to definitely make sure that I’m making the right choice. So, as I’m walking around Pier 1 today, I came up with this idea: I came home and took a picture of my living room as it stands now. Then, I went onto the Pier 1 Web site and downloaded pictures of the armchairs I was looking at in the store and then cut and paste them into the picture of my living room using Photoshop. It actually gave me a freakishly good idea of which chair would look the best in my living room and tomorrow, I’ll be able to confidently buy a new armchair. I guess it’s kind of a 2006, high tech version of when you fabric swatches or the like when you go shopping so you can color match.

Cool use of technology, but yes, even I am surprised by my dorkiness this time.

Non-sequitur: What is with these pants?


I’ve been watching a lot of Batman: The Animated Series (on DVD) and I came across one of the episodes with Talia and Ra’s Al Ghul. Here’s a screenshot of Talia and Bruce Wayne in a shop somewhere in the desert searching for her father, but I’m really getting stuck on these pants. What is with them? Why do they do that weird thing, sticking out mid-thigh? They’re like weird desert camel-riding pants… I feel like I’ve seen them before in movies on people as some sort of riding pants… if anybody’s got any ideas, please please let me know. It’s starting to drive me crazy.

In honor of Valentine’s Day


Yes, yes, it’s a commercialized holiday, as most holidays are. Yes, yes, sometimes, or most of the time, or maybe even all of the time it feels like it’s a holiday that has been created by the greeting card companies just to have an excuse to sell us more stuff. To make us feel obligated to spend money on flowers, chocolates, and a fancy dinner and be overly sentimental and romantic for fear of punishment by a night on the couch and accusations of being a significate other and to make single people feel all the more alone and crummier.

But here’s the thing: while it seems silly that we need an entire holiday to make us stop and appreciate our significate others, to tell them that we love them, to do something special for them, would it be so horrible to actually do something on Valentine’s Day? You don’t have to give in to the machine, you don’t have to make a romantic spectacle out of it and frankly I could live without the pink and red Valentine’s Day decorations that sprout up everywhere come February 14th, making everything look like the inside of a womb, but hey, who doesn’t like getting sent some flowers or a box of candy or a simple card or just being told, “Hey, you’re pretty cool, I like you and thanks for being in my life”? While Valentine’s Day, like most holidays, has been completely commercialized and might leave a bad taste in our mouths, at least gives us an excuse to slow down for a moment, take a look around, let others know they are loved and know that you are loved as well.