Racist snack foods

So, it looks like the folks at Kraft have a new commercial and slogan for their product Cheese Nips: “When you love nips, it shows.”

Is it just me or is it bizarre that a product with a racial slur right there in the name exists in the world? For some reason, I had never heard of Cheese Nips until I moved out to California almost 10 years ago now and the first time somebody mentioned them, I thought he was joking. But no, they’re quite real. I mean, is it that people just don’t realize that “Nip” is a racial slur referring to Japanese people? Is it that people just forgot that Japan is also called Nippon and that “Nip” is just like the more familiar “Jap?”

I know it’s kind of funny and it’s all about context and as battles go, this isn’t at the top of the priority list I’m not saying we should boycott all Kraft products (although I personally refuse to buy them and prefer to go for Cheese-Its) or launch a protest, but it still amazes me that in this day and age, with how politically correct we’ve all tried to become, a company would so brazenly continue to use this product name. I mean, there aren’t any snack foods with “nigger” or “beaner” or “spic” in the name, are there? And if somebody did try to name a product something like that, you know that there would be a huge outcry. We (Asian Americans) might be a model minority, but we’re also too often a silent minority. Maybe if they come out with rice cakes called “Chink Cakes,” we’ll be forced to say something.

(As an aside, here’s a weird thing I found: Racial Slurs Database. Interestingly enough, “Cheese Nip” is actually listed there for a person of White and Japanese descent.)