I love technology, but even I am surprised by my dorkiness

I bought a new couch the other day and am in the process of getting an armchair to go with it. Now, I have a pretty good eye, but couches and sofas and the like are expensive, not to mention a hassle to return, so I want to definitely make sure that I’m making the right choice. So, as I’m walking around Pier 1 today, I came up with this idea: I came home and took a picture of my living room as it stands now. Then, I went onto the Pier 1 Web site and downloaded pictures of the armchairs I was looking at in the store and then cut and paste them into the picture of my living room using Photoshop. It actually gave me a freakishly good idea of which chair would look the best in my living room and tomorrow, I’ll be able to confidently buy a new armchair. I guess it’s kind of a 2006, high tech version of when you fabric swatches or the like when you go shopping so you can color match.

Cool use of technology, but yes, even I am surprised by my dorkiness this time.

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