Conversation snippet

From dinner last night:

Friend A: “I’m going to be Marc Antony for Halloween.”

Me: (pointing to his boyfriend) “And are you going to be Jennifer Lopez?”

Friend A: “No, Marc Antony, not Marc Anthony.”

Me: Oh, sorry. I thought you said Marc Anthony and when I think of you, I think of the Puerto Rican singer first.”

(Later that night)

Friend A: “So for my costume–”

Me: “Wait, is someone else going as Cleopatra at least? Because Marc Antony is kind of a peripheral figure to go as. People will think you’re just a guy in a toga.”

Friend A: “Yes, someone else is going to be Cleopatra with me.”

Me: “Okay, because that’s like going as Patroclus with no Achilles.”

(Conversation continues)

Friend B: “Wait, did you just make a Patroclus joke?”

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