Random post: Bananaphone, Raffi, and Tiny Toons nostalgia

In a roundabout way, the song Bananaphone by Raffi came up and for an entire afternoon, grown adult professionals were singing the children’s song around the office. (It still comes up once in a while, especially use of the word “bananular” at any available opportunity.)

In any case, it brought up discussion of Raffi in general– I’ve always thought of him as a little saccharin and, like a lot of children’s entertainment, just a little creepy. I was never exposed to Raffi as a child (I don’t think all of this specially developed child entertainment, no matter how educational or enriching, managed to penetrate the first-generation immigrant market), but a co-worker of mine was relating how his sister, whose children are in their teens now, used to play Raffi for her children. It was practically an accident when it started– she had gotten the CDs or whatever from someone and was just trying them out– and her daughter immediately started dancing around and took to Raffi and his music right away. It is some strange phenomenon. I don’t really understand it, but children are drawn in, they are ensorceled.

In any case, this all reminded me of a great Tiny Toons cartoon called “Ruffled Ruffee.” Enjoy:

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