More John Mayer missed connections, part 2

It never ends– if you know me, you know I’m a big John Mayer fan and you’ve probably heard my John Mayer missed connections story. Of course, after that and despite the running joke that John Mayer might be at MacWorld, the W Hotel, or specifically, XYZ at any given time when I’m not there just to torment me, I have said that Apple and Steve Jobs will never have a repeat guest celebrity at a MacWorld keynote, much less a repeat guest celebrity at the exact same MacWorld location, so I never need worry about another missed opportunity.

But of course, John Mayer actually was at MacWorld SF this year and performed during the keynote. In fact, he was in San Francisco for a few days, including an exclusive set at the W. I promise you I really am not celebrity crazy. The ongoing irony of this whole thing just continues to be somewhere between annoying and amusing.

Anyway, enjoy this vid of John Mayer demo-ing a Two-Rock Amp/riffing on his song “Slow Dancing” (discovered from his blog):

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