The Sword in the Stone

Sword in the Stone

Blogging about squirrels made me think about The Sword in the Stone— there’s a great section of the movie where Merlin turns Arthur (Wart) and himself into squirrels– and watching it again reminded me how much I loved this movie when I was younger. Before The Little Mermaid and the resurgence in popularity of Disney animated movies in the early nineties, instead of watching Cinderella or Snow White, this was the Disney movie that I loved and watched over and over again. Maybe it was just because there was a copy of this movie in my house for some reason, but I loved it and it was probably for the better, with its message of knowledge and wisdom as the real power, smart storytelling, entertaining references to history and science, and ultimately sentimental, yet still uplifting story of a downtrodden orphan destined for greatness.

But you’ll note from the above screenshot how this animated classic, based on the novel by T.H. White, might have been in the back of the minds of the creators of Dory and Nemo and before there was Harry Potter, there was The Sword in the Stone as the retelling of the Arthurian Legend as the story of Wart as the unfortunate orphan who stumbles onto his destiny and a world with wizards and, of course, owls.

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