Zimbardo on The Daily Show, Viacom vs. YouTube

For those of you who may have missed it last Thursday night (3/29), a shout out to Stanford Professor of Psychology (Emeritus) Philip Zimbardo on The Daily Show talking about his new book The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil and similarities between the famous Stanford Prison Experiment and Abu Ghraib.

Note the copycat version of video sharing: Viacom’s replacement for all those video clips pulled after the mother lawsuit against Google over their YouTube clips. It’s not a bad reproduction of YouTube functionality in terms of letting me embed this clip here or pass around the URL, but I certainly don’t get my pick of clips, which I suppose is part of the point, but also the ultimate price. Case in point: again on The Daily Show, Larry Wilmore and John Oliver did a great piece last week on the proposed N-word ban in New York City. The piece quickly made it onto YouTube and was subsequently taken down due to copyright complaints by Viacom, but it wasn’t in turn made available by Viacom on the Comedy Central site. As a result, another brilliant combination of comedy, journalism, and social commentary is lost in the endless bowels of cable TV history, only to be re-experienced or heard of again by the lucky re-run watcher. Are you happy Viacom?

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