The Switch, Blog Version

First it was operating system, not it’s blog software: you might have noticed that I switched to WordPress. I’ve been a fan of MovableType and SixApart for a long time, but they haven’t put much development into the personal version of MT, outside of their blogging service models (like TypePad). Plus, once I realized commenting was broken and fixed it, I couldn’t get the TypePad registration API to work correctly and all the comment spam was driving me crazy.

In any case, WordPress is known for being ridiculously easy to setup, providing a convenient way to migrate from other blog software, and good at dealing with spam. And after setting it up yesterday, that all holds true. The only thing is that all my permalinks are screwy now, so anything using those links are broken now. I’ll be updating those links here in the next few days. Work and school are running my life right now.

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