That’s not beer: distractions at the John Mayer show

Just got back from the John Mayer concert at HP Pavilion in San Jose. Great, as usual, and included an extra special opening guest– Ben Folds.

Of course, you may be wondering though then what this is a photo of. Well, my camera phone can’t really pick up anything worth putting up here, so you’ll have to rely on photos from the show page. However, my camera phone can pick up a picture of the puddle left by the drunk concert guy who visited the stairwell we were sitting right next to. I noticed him first since he decided to have a smoke (regular tobacco, for those wondering) in our stairwell, but at some point realized that the smoking had stopped and he had moved on to something else. I suppose I realized what he was doing right away and in fact, I wasn’t really that surprised, but my camera phone reflexes aren’t fast enough yet, so before I knew it, he had shaken it off, zipped it up, and fled the scene of the crime.

The even funnier thing is that a) his seat was only about three rows down and half a section over and b) there was a men’s bathroom directly outside. I guess he just really couldn’t miss any of the concert, at any price.

We proceeded to monitor peeing concert guy as he became more and more intoxicated. We also monitored how many people unknowingly walked through his puddle, probably thinking it was just spilled beer. It was a lot. The stairwell between sections 102 and 103 also turned out to be a very happening place in general. We almost got to see a handjob performed (there’s something about a finale that gets the juices flowing I guess), but at the last minute, I think they got stage fright.

So, in any case, drunk guy with the longish blond hair, in section 102, approximately row 15: we saw you. We saw you pee.

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