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I grabbed lunch yesterday at the Village Cheese House, one of the few great delis around here (at least from an East Coast-ers perspective). They always have a great, eclectic variety of stuff (and manage to do it without seeming snobbish or condescending)– they make their own candy canes from scratch during the holiday season, they’ve got candy and chocolates from around the world (from gourmet European chocolates to fruit-flavored Japanese goodies) and they stock their shelves with a rotating selection of unique beverages.

I’m not just talking about stocking their shelves with stuff that aren’t “brand name” or “corporate” in the way places like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods like to do– instead, I’m talking about Dr. Pepper in glass bottles with old-fashioned labeling; even good ol’ Vernor’s Ginger Ale in glass bottles with labeling/packaging I haven’t seen anywhere else (and as an aside, why don’t more people in this world love ginger ale?). It’s where I found Jolt Silver (and unfortunately, never saw it there or anywhere else ever again).

In any case, my latest find was this bottle of “Leninade,” boasted as having “a taste worth standing in line for” and the bottle itself is stamped with the phrase “the Party wants you.” I bought it for a friend who I thought would appreciate the humor, so I don’t know what it tastes like– I’m sure nothing particularly unique, but I’m sure there’s a pinko lemonade joke in there somewhere.

Go to: Leninade Dot Communist! website.

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  1. You should try the Leninade! You can even mix it with vodka and make a “Commie Kaze”. Also there are messages in the bottle caps; you don’t know what you’re missing… try it out and you’ll say that it was “Better Than Expected” you can trust me; I’m someone who stumbled upon your site while googling Leninade!

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