Virtual Goods Summit 2007: One Last Plug

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I’ve been spending an increasing amount of my time the last couple of weeks helping to pull this thing together, so here’s one last plug for the Virtual Goods Summit 2007, which I mentioned here a few weeks ago. In short, my friend Charles Hudson is organizing this conference and Student Computing at Stanford University (the department I work for) is serving as the event sponsor. The one day conference is shaping up to be a very interesting and exciting one on virtual goods and economies and will include speakers from leading companies in the social networking, virtual worlds, and casual gaming spaces. A number of interesting questions and issues will be raised and discussed, including:

  • How will virtual goods and virtual currencies impact social networking?
  • Are virtual goods the next big business model?
  • What does it take to successfully launch a virtual goods offering?
  • Are virtual goods poised to go mainstream?
  • What does it take to nurture and develop a successful virtual economy?
  • Why are users embracing virtual goods?

The conference is this Friday, June 22– please register in advance (since we don’t know how many on-site registrations we will be able to accommodate)– and if you’ve already registered/once you’re registered, remember to try to join fellow conference attendees on Thursday for happy hour at Blue Chalk Cafe in Palo Alto from 8-11pm.

For more info on virtual goods, check out: Virtual Goods: the next big business model, a recent article posted to TechCrunch by Susan Wu, a Principal with Charles River Ventures and a special advisor for the conference itself.

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