A Beer A Day

I was going to write a long post about the contest, lessons learned, etc., but I realized it just made us sound like a bunch of alcoholics. So, in short: the contest started on June 15 and I tapped out on August 26. The contest ran for 73 days– Ian wins, I lose. Props to him (which is all he’s getting, since there was no money on the table, but really, isn’t respect priceless?).

Both of us were too proud/stubborn/competitive (characterize it however you like) to back down, but really, it’s a relief for both of us. As I predicted, the only thing that would stop this contest would be one of getting sick and it would most likely be me– I’ve come down with some type of super-cold and I figured, when you have trouble breathing, maybe it’s time to throw in the towel. (Not that I’m making excuses– Ian won fair-and-square.)

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