Happy New Year; 2007 in Review

Happy New Year! With so much other stuff going on, holidays and other special occasions seem to come and go without much meaning lately, but things are quieter now, so I thought I’d review 2007:

  • Finished my Masters degree
  • Finished my first full year leading my own team at work
  • Dad went through four close calls (and God kept telling him it’s too early to go)
  • Went to Barcelona (and loved it)
  • Participated in and lost a beer a day contest
  • Missed my 10-year high school reunion
  • Read the last Harry Potter book and saw the end of an era
  • Suffered through increased and more frequent pain with my headaches/migraines, cycled through more medications than I’d like to think about, switched doctors, finally got an MRI, and am entering 2008 with plans for more tests and more digging

I think that’s about it for now. Maybe I’ll add more as I continue to reflect. Either way, it’s been a long year. A couple more days of rest as I ease into 2008 and brace myself for the coming year. Here’s to a happy, hopefully better and brighter, new year.

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