Job Spam

I get a lot of job spam– unsolicited emails asking me to submit my resume and/or apply for jobs. Most of these emails are from recruiting or head hunting firms and almost always, they concern positions that I’m not interested in at all (and usually have little to do with my professional experience and career history). They usually say something like “We came across your resume and based on your background and experience, we have some job opportunities you may be interested in.” They then describe some of the available positions (usually at one or more corporate clients of the recruiting/hiring firm) and immediately follow that up with “Please submit your resume” or “Apply online at [insert some website].” I assume that these recruiting firms are sending these emails to thousands of people (basically, anybody who might be in any minuscule way a good fit). Although seemingly inefficient, they only need a small fraction of these people to respond so that they can sift through applications and provide their clients with a manageable pool of applicants to review. This is basically the same principal as regular spam as well as telemarketing and even political pooling– contact thousands, millions of people and even if you only get one or two percent return, that’s a sizable number of respondents and potential new customers.

Yet, the thing that actually annoys me about these emails is that they contacted me, but their emails come off as if it was the other way around, telling me how to pursue them. “Send us your resume.” “Apply here.” They are interested in me based on my background, experience and qualifications, but then I’m supposed to go to the trouble of applying or submitting my resume (which they already have since that’s how they found me in the first place). It’s like going up to someone and saying, “I really think you’re attractive and interesting. I think you’d be interested in going out with me. Here’s my number– please call me and I’ll consider a date.” I’m not saying that they should automatically make me a job offer or even guarantee me an interview, but they contacted me— a better approach would be, “We came across your resume and think you would be a good fit for some job opportunities at [insert company]. We would like to talk to you further if you are interested,” etc. From my experience, only a handful of recruiters do this and they’re usually internal recruiters from the company. In the end, I may not be interested, a good fit, or even qualified, but if they’re reaching out to random people on job websites and the web in general, they’re looking for more and/or better candidates than those contacting them and even the semblance of trying to “woo” the applicant wouldn’t hurt.

However, an interesting thing happened today, which is why I’m bothering to write about it at all. I received another one of these unsolicited recruiting emails today, but after receiving the message, it was quickly followed by another email from the same company (but different recruiter) and even with the same subject line that started with the following sentence:

While conducting an online search we came across your resume. It appears that you are over qualified for our positions.

Ha! They go on to mention executive positions posted by their clients that may be more applicable. They still end up telling me to submit my resume (“for free”), but it’s a start!

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