Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

  • One of the things social networking gives me is a way to check in on old acquaintances and confirm that, yep, they're still douche bags. #
  • Awesome Sesame Street "True Blood" parody [insert Count von Count joke here] (thanks Rene) #
  • "Many thanks for your candor and continued energy and talent!" Nice to hear someone say & actually mean it, esp. on the *candor* part. #
  • "Up in the Air" based on novel by Walter Kirn, but TiVo says Walter Kim, yes? Not just "rn" looking like "m"? #
  • Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes yesterday! #
  • Any of my billion friends who went to law school want to give me some free advice re: sexual harassment? #
  • RT @urbandaily: defenestrate – To uninstall software from a Microsoft operating system, usually in frustration. – #
  • RT @ConanOBrien: White House is proposing a way to spy on suspects while they're online. The plan is called "Signing them up for Facebook." #
  • RT @jackowayed: @coupacafe how many times do you have to retweet people mentioning you were in the social network? once was quite sufficient #
  • RT @jimmyfallon: Blackberry users: here's #historyofhiphopin3 #

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