Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

  • RT @urbandaily: Masturdating – Going out alone. I.e. seeing a movie by yourself, going to a restaurant alone. – #
  • RT @CoupaCafe: We will be giving away free coffee in the new Huang Eng Center, Tuesday 4pm to 6pm for the building inauguration!!! Come by #
  • Always thought this too; dead w/1 good shot to head/neck RT @jrm4: RT @neiltyson: Curious that a bulletproof vest … #
  • Thai Cafe for first time in over a year! Menu w/hours & daily specials for future reference. #
  • The cashier at Whole Foods just pointed a stick at the bagger and yelled "Expecto Patronum" while he waited for me to finish paying. #
  • Pretty sure lying in the dark with my eyes closed for 2-3 hours doesn't actually qualify as sleeping or even napping. #
  • Pretty good post on how to approach software development documentation #
  • Too tired to easily translate the Korean word for a Japanese dish back to English or Japanese; just want to eat. #
  • So weird. RT @angryasianman: The roundtop computer will save "the Asian glance": #
  • "If you are in bed, the best thing to do is to stay there and cover your head with a pillow." Not just for earthquakes #
  • Really don't see the point of this, but: I like it on a hook under the bar. #
  • Sometimes, *so* hard to stick to the "there are no stupid questions" approach to teaching/learning/teamwork. #
  • "I brought you some soda, but I couldn't find any straws so you'll have to drink it like cats." #
  • Offensive albeit honest to be contacted by a Diversity Recruiter; basically saying minority status is a key factor in hiring. #

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