Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-31

  • Dreamed I was desperate to stop walking around b/c of searing neck/shoulder pain; woke up @ 7am to find I was just actually in severe pain. #
  • If only there was a shibboleth for getting better technical support. #
  • Good word of the day: apparatchik #
  • Campus "cop" monitoring & pulling over bikers today in Main Quad for biking inside covered arcades; not sure why such a concern suddenly. #
  • When you don't get lunch until 2pm & then take 4 hrs to finish it, is it still lunch, now dinner or both? #
  • Daily Show on DC design: "… simultaneously magnificent & useless… designed the whole thing as a metaphor." #
  • In an email today; "It's generally more fun to be a dork in groups than alone…" Like misery, dorkiness loved company. #
  • "I'm not being kind. I'm being factual." "I know. That's what makes it awesome." #
  • Tried hard, but body finally gave out this morning: exhaustion, vomiting, pain; briefly up for basic needs & meds, then back to bed. #
  • RT @jimmyfallon: From last night: Dana Carvey + The Roots "Choppin' Broccoli" #
  • Didn't look at my BlackBerry for ~hour, but when I did, found 286 new messages; yay for automated email alerts… #
  • Giant jar of Honey Citron Tea from Korean grocery; so good, especially when you're sick. #

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