Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

  • Mistakenly drove thru suburban Halloween central; can't tell anymore whether an outfit is a costume, bad fashion choice, or just slutty. #
  • Never got rumored @CoupaCafe discount for 1st online order; must try again RT @sindyjlee: 10/14 buttermilk pancakes #
  • New record w/2518 messages yesterday RT @sindyjlee: (in ~1 hour) 286 new messages; yay for automated email alerts… #
  • Don't know how to improve basic arithmetic skills when you're 50+, but some people really need to… #
  • "Are you callin' me an animal, b*tch!?" "No, b*tch, she's using Descartes' philosophy to say she's down with the music." #

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