Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-21

  • Oh good, got home late, so my apt has cooled down to 75 degrees. WTF. If this is truly global warming, it really is inconvenient. #
  • Anybody from PBHS remember "Farby's Funhouse" BBS? Don't think I ever logged on, but totally remember Farbman & computer club. #
  • Weird HS day: 1) photos on FB & 2) by request looked thru old newspapers for article on friend; felt like looking at someone else's life. #
  • Time slows down in crosswalks. #
  • Saw Village Cheese House remodel; looks good, but best is oil & vinegar option sandwich spread option added (impossible to find in CA). #
  • Feel like there are more Panda Expresses in a 25 mile radius than there are pandas in the entire world. #

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