Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-05

  • Pomegranate blueberry juice blend. Delicious. #
  • May actually be going back East this Christmas; hit me up if you'll be around and want to plan to make plans. #
  • AllAdvantage: like you did, your logo is slowly fading away from my mug (Infomediary Man is already gone on back). #
  • Sorry, don't think I'll be back East for Xmas; wish I could, esp every time you guys post about bonfires and partying in the woods. #
  • 4 scor & 7 yrs ago: nu nation, all men =! Now civil war 🙁 But! Not die in vain. Gr8 task b4 us: Gvt of-by4-ppl not perish frm earth! #
  • Last tweet from Honest Abe 11/19/1863 #
  • CJCS Adm. Mullen: "…this whole issue of integrity. We're an institution that values integrity & then asks other ppl to join us…" #
  • (cont.) "… work w/us, fight w/us, die w/us, & lie about who they are the whole time… That's what just doesn't make any sense to me." #

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