Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • In the news: "My dog came and looked at me and said what's going on?" Seems like talking dog should be bigger news than 3.1 earthquake. #
  • Dusting off (restaurant) tortilla chips with a paper towel, like blotting off the extra grease off pizza; too salty! #
  • At grocery store, behind woman drinking one of those mini-pints of ice cream like it's a milkshake while cashier rings her up. #
  • Anybody have recommendations for or tips on incorporating? #
  • More re: incorporating: anybody recommend accountant/CPA/similar on inc. & taxes? Nothing special needed, so looking for good, but cheap. #
  • RT @angryasianman: It's official. The K-town reality show is a done deal. How do I know? @Tyrese told me: #
  • So much pain all over; can barely move around– arms, back, legs and thighs (quads) #
  • So much pain all over; can barely– arms, back, legs and thighs (quads); seems too sudden & severe to just a sign that I'm getting old. #
  • In case anybody is lookimg for me, I've checked into hospital; recovery will take a few days at least. #
  • 2nd auditory hallucination in last hr– lot less scary when you know it's coming. #
  • Looking to break out of this joint by Christmas; watching Rudolph and Frosty special in the meantime. #
  • 2 yrs of being sick, in & out of hospital, & I still get asked for help while not on call, but hospitalized, day before Christmas Eve. #
  • Still, should be checking out of Hotel Hospital today; Happy Christmas! #
  • Just passed an old guy's hospital room where he's got a Betty White calendar hanging. #

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