Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23

  • Kind of want to get an old school typewriter; not an electric one, the kind where you really have to punch the keys. #
  • Oh, Dead Poet's Society: made entire gen of teens think we could all be poets (thru preppy boarding schools w/quirky English teachers). #
  • Borrowed an iPad from work to check it out; feel like this is the first taste of crack to get me hooked. #
  • Ok, been using this iPad for about 30 min; it is awesome, but thank God it's not as addictive as I feared. #
  • Was just thinking this AM about problems w/socialization & group dynamics many Asian American kids have: (re: Amy Chua) #
  • Whenever I want to read more on an item in my news feed, but then see that the full source is TMZ, I feel bad about myself and turn back. #
  • 5 years of French totally paid off for 30 sec of Francais in awesome Colbert interview w/Bernard-Henri Levy #
  • Ruff morning; head throbbing and emotionally exhausted before it was even noon. #
  • FYI "gyp" is an ethnic slur too… RT @angryasianman: Rush Limbaugh mocks Chinese president with the CHING CHONG: #
  • Great @thedailyshow interview w/folks from "Parazit," satirical comedy news/politics show broadcast in Iran: #
  • Finally some relief from congestion & dripping from all I/O interfaces on my head; can breathe again! #

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