Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

  • Never really cared much for Valentine's Day to begin with; being stuck in the middle of a troubled married couple is icing on the cake. #
  • January Jones discusses on @TheDailyShow why South Dakota is better than North; uh, did they miss all the SD abortion rights headlines? #
  • Smart: re-airing Two and a Half Men from S1E1 helps remind us while he's "away," why Sheen is TV's highest paid actor, even w/the drama. #
  • My whole situation is soggy; should have worn my Docs and a real raincoat; Left Coast has made me soft. #
  • I just tried to make BK chicken fries healthy by wrapping a salad around it; you're welcome, Jamie Oliver. #
  • Stanford in the Bronx? I would go there… #
  • For those who missed @TheDailyShow last night, the infamous spinning beach ball (jump to 1:50 if you're impatient): #
  • Watching The Karate Kid (2010); thank you for not playing hokey "Asian" music when they arrive in China. #
  • Re: "Big Momma's House 3": feel old when main characters in movies I saw in college are now having teenaged (grand)kids in the sequels. #

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