Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-27

  • Just used "BlackBerry Contact" to pull someone's Facebook data into my address book; may have opened the Pandora's box of privacy… #
  • Many don't check your status– auto-reply would be useful for FB msgs (like email) when you go on a digital vacation (forced or otherwise). #
  • Netflix needs to let Instant only folks to save list of movies not yet available instantly (how else will I keep interest during the wait)? #
  • It's not just work/life balance; worry about work/work balance when impossible to schedule meeting for > 2 ppl w/o 2+ wks advance notice. #
  • Expected more on post-EQ Haiti/Japan; maybe b/c ashamed to admit huge divide btwn rich/poor as we see how slowly/quickly each rebuilds. #
  • w/T-Mobile for ~10 years & hate idea of AT&T buyout; no question– means more coerced contracts & higher prices. #
  • Got dexamethasone shot Sunday w/pain & nausea meds for severe migraine > 1 wk; so far, no headache recurrence! #
  • Checkstand etiquette: DO NOT hover while person before you is paying OR hold up line after while you reorg your wallet/purse/file cabinet. #
  • Elevator etiquette: WAIT for ppl to get off & know your floor BEFORE you rush in (esp so we don't have to stop @ every wrong floor w/you). #
  • More elevator etiquette: unless you're alone, keep the talk to a minimum (we're strangers riding in a metal box– subway rules in effect). #
  • What's a good gift for an almost 6-month old? Looking for something outside the box (not just toys or clothes)… #

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