Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03

  • RT @DougBenson: I don't smoke all day every day. Because sometimes I'm in an airport. #
  • RT @DougBenson: Look out massage chairs at the Tucson Airport, you're about to get some ass! #Mine #
  • "Uh hello, airplanes? Yeah, it's blimps. You win. Bye!" #archerfx #
  • Sorry for any duplicates/repeats or bursts of updates; trying to fix my suddenly broken delicious -> Twitter setup… #
  • Nice: laptop thief vs computer nerd & why the former shouldn't steal from the latter: #
  • Stanford in NYC: official proposal submitted for a NY campus on Roosevelt Island: #
  • Often behind a Prius when stuck in painfully slow traffic (like 45 in a 65/freeway); is it the drivers or the car? (Probably both…) #
  • Why do some people have to constantly point out why they wouldn't make the same choices as you? #
  • Why you would NOT do something small is usually not as interesting as why you WOULD do something BIG. #
  • Of course, the one time I want to see and have treats for my neighbor's cat (who has started hanging out on my balcony), she's not here. #
  • Oh wait, now she's here; she must follow me on Twitter. #

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