Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

  • Re: Jury Duty: Juror 799 ( via @angryasianman) should have followed Sarah Silverman's example: #
  • Hard to suspend disbelief while watching Law & Order eps and see same actor as suspect, victim, defense attorney, witness, perp, DA… #
  • Oh man, deja vu: Japan just can't seem to catch a break: #
  • Criticizing your employer, including via social media, is protected if part of effort to improve work conditions: #
  • Enjoying my corned beef & pastrami way too much; classic deli sandwich like this is about as common as a unicorn on the Left Coast. #
  • Interesting piece on unique issues re: homosexuality and Asian (esp Korean) cultures: #
  • Re: AIDS @StephenAtHome last week: "sounds to me like the vaccine is to be a rich white person". Turns out that works for a lot of diseases. #
  • Traffic is more palatable on crowded NY streets; sprawling CA 3+ lane freeways & surface streets just make it more annoying & inscrutable. #
  • Interesting: Carl's Jr is doing cash discounts; credit must really be dying. #
  • WTF: apparently, "ringtones for your business phone" are a valid business communication expense. #

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