Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-08

  • Always wished TiVo allowed NOT searches or exceptions to Season Passes/WishLists, then randomly came across this! #
  • Ridiculous: just spent 5 min finding substitute for "stumbled upon" just to be clear I came across it by chance, not through StumbleUpon. #
  • Unbelievable I never noticed: can set keyword to exclude, optional or required in TiVo WishList; now, how about regular expressions… #
  • This hits a little too close to home (my parents): RT @TheOnion: Editorial Cartoon: May 2, 2011 #
  • RT @TheOnion: Pfizer Breaks Psychological Need To Always Seek FDA's Approval #
  • RT @TheOnion: Opinion: White Nation Will Never Resume Rightful Place Until One Of Us Learns To Make A Decent Website #
  • An unmatched left parenthesis… (catching up on #
  • xkcd: 2009 Called #
  • Come home, let neighbor's cat in, leave room for a sec, come back to find her sprawled out like this. #
  • Interview w/Andy Smith (@dflyeffect) on role of social media on Bin Laden news: #
  • RT @jrm4: firefox defends against warrantless website seizure and DHS bullying. #
  • RT @StephenAtHome: All you kids studying for the SATs, remember: Long Putters are to Gay Marriage as Donald Trump is to Qualified. #
  • "We're scientists; we observe everything." #bigbangtheory #
  • "What makes me the weakest member?" "Your trusting nature coupled w/your teeny tiny body." (Loving Amy & Bernadette on #bigbangtheory #
  • Ever have a "conversation" where you're each talking about a different topic but still following the other's thread? Rude or multi-tasking? #
  • Just got kind of bummed out after realizing all the characters on The Big Bang Theory is supposed to be younger than me… #
  • RT @ConanOBrien: Does anyone else have a feeling that Pakistan knows where the Hamburglar is? #
  • Bored: tint my hair burgundy/purple or blue? #

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