Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-05

  • Hate double chin effect when ending parenthetical w/emoticon (like this ;)). Could use [ … ] but what's a parenthetical w/o parentheses? #
  • Maui Waui: totally forgot about pot smoking scene in "9 to 5"! I think I'd take Jane, Lily & Dolly over Charlie's Angels any day. #
  • Damn filibuster RT @angryasianman: This seriously sucks. Goodwin Liu withdraws judicial nomination: #
  • No one needs to know any actual info anymore– just how to look things up: (xkcd) #
  • Annual List of Suggested Dorm Themes (my favorites: "Soto and Gomorrah" & "Trancos(0) = 1"): (via @stanfordblog) #
  • Wow, they already made a Prince William & Kate Middleton Lifetime movie (w/actors that don't even resemble the royal couple)?! #
  • Re: Racist Snack Foods: post > 5 yrs old, "formal" response 8 mons ago & AGAIN another "this is dumb" comment posted #
  • Evolution of programming languages #
  • RT @ConanOBrien: If someone in this CVS is following me on Twitter, please open up another register. My Flavor Ice Pops are melting. #
  • Mmm, diphenhydramine + pseudoephedrine + additional "secret ingredients" cocktail slowly kicking in… hopefully so I can get some sleep… #
  • Don't think general public truly appreciates genius behind "Butters' Bottom Bitch" @SouthPark ep; do you know what I am saying? #southpark #
  • Amazing I can be on Internet all day & still be clueless about news/world events 'til I get home; hmph, "information superhighway," my ass. #
  • And for those on West Coast w/East Coast satellite feed, bitches! RT @SouthPark: All-new South Park now airing on the east coast! #southpark #
  • Anyone use Quicksilver ( & Alfred ( and prefer one over the other (and/or have any other comments/recommendations)? #
  • TV reception much clearer now after cat went exploring cable-filled area behind the TV– good job kitty! #
  • Wow, actual step-by-step guide to identify nerds vs geeks, complete w/tips, warnings & links to related how-tos: #
  • Grew up in NY/NJ, but haven't had a decent slice in yrs, making Trump/Palin pizza thing not just ridiculous, but … #
  • Live in CA, but grew up in NY/NJ & find Trump/Palin pizza thing both ridiculous & embarrassing: (@TheDailyShow) #
  • RT @StephenAtHome: ( )( ) … Oh no! I think I just accidentally tweeted an emoticon of my ass! #ivebeenhacked #
  • RT @StephenAtHome: If a witness doesn't want to answer truthfully, I say he should have the option to take the dare instead. #
  • Kind of like "Cheese Nips," yes? RT @kennethrsharp: RT @fmarciuliano: Dairy Queen has a chocolate-vanilla product … #
  • RT @DougBenson: Hey Sunnyvale, CA, I'll be at Rooster T Feathers on Wednesday, June 15 at 8:00. The name alone guarantees fun! #AndFeathers #
  • Yet another unfortunate consequence of not being allowed to marry (Dr. Satterwhite is a good friend of mine): #
  • My soul is tired. #
  • I'd like to meet guy who said, after treating attempted suicide by rat poison (warfarin) in 1951, "let's try treating humans with this." #

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